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    apple co-founder ste

    apple co-founder steve jobs died from complications of which form of cancer?Answer-pancreatic

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    two c strings walk i

    two c strings walk into a bar. the bartender asks “what can i get ya?” the first...

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    night on bald mounta

    night on bald mountain was one of the musical pieces featured in disney's 1940's film fantasia.Answer-true

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    programming is like

    programming is like sex. make one mistake and you end up supporting it for the rest of...

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    john moses browning,

    john moses browning, the designer of the m1918 bar (browning automatic rifle) was a part of which...

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    programming is 10% s

    programming is 10% science, 20% ingenuity, and 70% getting the ingenuity to work with the science.

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    which of the followi

    which of the following is not a prosecutor in the "ace attorney" video game series?Answer-jake marshall

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    when you recover or

    when you recover or discover something that nourishes your soul and brings joy, care enough about yourself...

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    i bought some shoes

    i bought some shoes from a drug dealer. i don’t know what he laced them with, but...

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    what is the first tr

    what is the first track on kanye west's 808s & heartbreak?Answer-say you will


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